EMBUTIDOS ARTESANOS TOJAR S.L. was created in 1998 by town of C6rdoba (Spain), called Source Tojar. As its name suggests, the product is completely CRAFTSMAN, taking a rigorous quality control and hygiene, each product being tested by a lab technician.

Our company is associated with:
- APDECCOR, Association for the promotion and development of meat products.
- AICE, the Association of Meat Industry Spain.
- ECOEMBES, S. Ecoembalajes Spain A. (Green Point).
- AECOC, codification of our products (code EAN).

In addition, we obtained the quality certification in 2.003, according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9.001/2008 by the certification Bureau Veritas Quality International, Inc. (BVQi) ensuring quality of all our activities, to processes processing and distribution of meat products and meat preparations.
All this allows us a product realization with a demanding level of quality that satisfies our clients and differentiates us from our competitors with the continuing interest of evolve into continuous improvement processes manufacturing.